Leo Advantage, a forex trading school, was launched at Bayanihan Center, Pasig City last July 1, 2017. The event room was packed with around 150 people or more, when the program started at 4pm. Attendees were well taken care of as they provided free snacks and water. A photobooth has been setup as well to entertain guests while they await for the program to start.


The event started with a game activity wherein the host asked the guests “What will you do if money is not an issue?”. It’s interesting that the answers were somewhat similar. Most of them answered that they will travel around the world, invest money to real estate, stocks, forex and etc. or that they will put up some NGO’s for their charitable activities. Continue reading

As an overseas filipino worker (OFW), being away from your families is NOT something you dream of for your entire life. Most of the time, especially in time of homesickness, an idea will come across you. You’ll think that if only there’s another way to earn enough money for the future, then you won’t have to endure being away from your family for so long.

Luckily, there are multiple kinds of investment which can help you prepare for you and your family’s future. If you’re finding for an investment with minimal risk, then you came into the right place.

Here are top 4 reasons why condo is the perfect investment for an OFW…Continue reading

In today’s era where people go for mobility and convenience, and where Internet is basically a tool to make it happen, the rise of online banking is totally expected.

New to online banking? It’s right to check out the pros and cons first, before diving in. Ready? Read along…Continue reading

September marks the start of Christmas countdown in the Philippines. It’s the time of the year when you begin to hear Christmas songs at malls and over the radio. It’s a happy feeling, really. And, when you think about Christmas, you can’t help but think about decorations, gifts, sales and etc. All of which involves some kind of “shopping” and “spending”. But, did you know that Christmas shopping online has become the new norm in these day and age, when every minute is considered valuable? Below are 8 perks why you should consider Christmas shopping online for this year:

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Planning a wedding can be stressful especially if you’re working on a limited budget. There’s so much you would like to achieve on that special day and if you’re not careful, your expenses will blow out of proportions, right before you know it. Check out the list below for it will surely help you cut down your wedding cost. I am a Y2017 bride-to-be. The indicated list and prices are based from Y2016 wedding cost in the Philippines.

Read away and remember to stick to your budget!

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The scorching heat of the sun is taking a toll among us, literally and financially. “Hey, what do you mean financially?” so, you may asked. Well, how’s your electricity bill lately? How about your food and water consumption? And, have you alloted some extra funds for some leisure or summer vacation expenses for you and your family *ahem beaaaach*? Ok, I think, we’re now on the same page.

Yet, while most of the people are whining about how excruciating the summer heat is, some people, the chosen few, who are born with an entrepreneurial mindset are taking this summer season as an opportunity in putting up a business. So, are you one of us?

Since you’re here on this site, then you’re probably part of the chosen few. Below are some specific summer business ideas for you and every filipino. They are divided into 3 sections, depending on the required amount of capital investment: Small (0-50k PHP), Medium (50-200k PHP), and Large (200k and above PHP).Continue reading

Sagutin ang sumusunod na sampung katanungan para malaman mo ang resulta sa katanungang “bakit nga ba konti lang ang ipon mo?”. Abangan ang kasagutan pagkatapos pindutin ang “Submit”.

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Hi, I am a proud owner of a condo unit. I bought my first condo unit last Y2012 from SMDC – Green Residences. It’s the condo beside DLSU-Manila’s Andrew Bldg. I saw it as a potential renting space for DLSU students or anyone that needs a place to stay along the University belt. Back then, it was pre-selling which is why I locked it for a total contract price of 2.7M PHP (57, 400 USD). Now (Y2016), as it reaches its turnover date, the same floor size (sqm) as mine but located at a different floor is now being sold at 3.5M PHP (74,400 USD). That’s an 800K PHP (17,000 USD) worth of interest in just a span of 4 years. I bet your bank interest can not do that.

Here are my reactions to the people who said, I made the wrong choice:  Continue reading

It’s probably everyone’s dream to earn extra cash without leaving the 4 corners of their home. It’s been my dream too, actually. How about you? There are a lot of reasons why you would want this kind of setup: 1 – You’re a mother who wants to spend time with their kids, but at the same time wants to help your husband too by bringing in extra cash for the family. 2 – You hate traffic and you want to save on transportation cost. 3 – You’re not a believer of building a professional career at a well-known company. You believe that for as long as you earn cash, you’re good. 4 – You work best when working on your own. No matter what your reason is, the point is it’s possible and you can do it! Yes, let me repeat it: you can earn extra cash while you’re at home. How? Read along…  Continue reading

Travelling out of town and country has been a status quo, since the rise of social media. If you can’t travel, you’re not “in”. I was inspired to create this write-up, when a friend was recently caught in the middle of deciding whether she should book a an airfare ticket or not. I hope the list below will help you decide immediately too, the moment you see that airfare seat sale on your news feed. YES TO TRAVEL (If you’re ready)!  Continue reading