The scorching heat of the sun is taking a toll among us, literally and financially. “Hey, what do you mean financially?” so, you may asked. Well, how’s your electricity bill lately? How about your food and water consumption? And, have you alloted some extra funds for some leisure or summer vacation expenses for you and your family *ahem beaaaach*? Ok, I think, we’re now on the same page.

Yet, while most of the people are whining about how excruciating the summer heat is, some people, the chosen few, who are born with an entrepreneurial mindset are taking this summer season as an opportunity in putting up a business. So, are you one of us?

Since you’re here on this site, then you’re probably part of the chosen few. Below are some specific summer business ideas for you and every filipino. They are divided into 3 sections, depending on the required amount of capital investment: Small (0-50k PHP), Medium (50-200k PHP), and Large (200k and above PHP).Continue reading

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