I have an idealistic dream that one day every Filipino will walk the path of “financial freedom”. It means that every single one of us will be involved in long-term financial planning, which will help them, their family, and their family’s family. Let me help you re-assess your financial goals. Read and check the list below to know if all are well accounted for, as early as now.  Continue reading

Here’s an unsolicited advise to all OFWs across the globe: SAVE YOUR MONEY. If you are an OFW, and you always feel like “I earn a lot of money anyway, why not spend it”, but every end of the year you feel like “hey where did my savings for this year go???” Then, I think this article is for you. Below are some type of spenders, which are actually applicable to anyone, not just OFWs. But, hey, that’s my title so let’s just stick with is written, ok? I enumerated them for you, so you can classify yourself in which type you belong to. My aim is to wake you up from your unacceptable spending habits. I hope to succeed, somehow.   Continue reading