How to Earn 30K++ PHP Extra Cash while at Home

It’s probably everyone’s dream to earn extra cash without leaving the 4 corners of their home. It’s been my dream too, actually. How about you? There are a lot of reasons why you would want this kind of setup: 1 – You’re a mother who wants to spend time with their kids, but at the same time wants to help your husband too by bringing in extra cash for the family. 2 – You hate traffic and you want to save on transportation cost. 3 – You’re not a believer of building a professional career at a well-known company. You believe that for as long as you earn cash, you’re good. 4 – You work best when working on your own. No matter what your reason is, the point is it’s possible and you can do it! Yes, let me repeat it: you can earn extra cash while you’re at home. How? Read along…  

1 – Offer Your Skills Online

freelance-work-extra cash

You only need a computer to make this work. Then, if you know how to do any of the list below, you’re good to go. Checkout UPWORK‘s site to start your freelance job now.

  • TranscriptionistThey type what is spoken directly to them or from an audio recording to create a written record. (Taken from Wisegeek). 
  • Photo Editor They are professionals who collect, review, and choose photographs and/or illustration for publication in alignment with preset guidelines (Taken from Wikipedia). This skill may require you some knowledge on Adobe Photoshop and other photo editing softwares.
  • Graphic Artist – A graphic artist is a craftsman who composes visual material for printing or digital display. (Taken from Wisegeek). 
  • SEO Analyst They focus on improving many various aspects of a company’s website to maintain a stronger presence, increase conversions from those visiting a website, and ensuring that the website maintains standards. (Taken from SEO Professionals)
  • Social Media Manager  They are the individual in an organization trusted with monitoring, contributing to, filtering, measuring and otherwise guiding the social media presence of a brand, product, individual or corporation. (Taken from Tech Target)

The rate or amount you will receive will always depend on you. But, whatever it is, your rate will never be less than 2.70 USD per hour (See this link for more info). This means that you only need to get several projects which will keep you busy for approx. 242 hrs a month to reach your 30K PHP extra cash budget (Assumption: 1 USD = 46 PHP).

Of course, your rate can still increase as you get more positive reviews from your clients.This means that as you get better, you will only need to spend less time to fulfill your target extra cash budget. The idea is you have to build your online credibility first by attracting clients with a lower than average asking price to kick off your freelance job.

2 – Create and Sell

baking-create-and-sell-extra cash

Are you good at baking, cooking, jewellery making or any other skills which will require you to create a new and sellable product out of raw materials? If yes, then start creating them now and sell them online. You’ll be surprise how big the online market is today.

For example, you choose to be a jewellery or accessory maker. And, you sell each of your piece for a reasonable price which will provide you with a 300 PHP profit from each. This means that you need to sell 100 pcs online to reach your target extra cash. Hey, don’t fret! I know 100 pcs may sound a shoot in the moon kind of target, which is why I suggest you start small. How about you go for 10 pcs per month first and then, increase your target as months go by. The idea is to create and sell quality products which will attract returning customers.

Another tip is to think of a product which are worth selling for a higher price. If you can bake a cake and sell it for 1000++ PHP, you will just need 30 orders per month (assuming your profit for each is 1000 PHP).

Note: Make sure to use FB Pages, Instagram and Twitter when marketing your products. In terms of delivery, make use of shipping couriers which are online seller friendly, such as Xend which is open for door-to-door pick up and delivery.

3 – Buy and Sell

market-buy-and-sell-extra cash

If you lack the creativity and skill to create and sell, why not consider the most popular business model of buying and selling. Think of a product which is considered as a demand today. Do you know where to buy it in a wholesale or consignment setup? If yes, go for it. Buy a couple of those products and try selling them to your friends or target consumers. You can either put up a “sari-sari” store at your garage, or you can resell them online. You can also utilize social media sites to promote such products. Again, the idea is to sell them in the premise of NOT leaving your home and NOT renting a space just to promote and sell your products. Be creative and think of ways!

4 – Buy and Rent

room-rent-space-extra cash

Now, this part may require more capital than the first three. The idea is to buy a high cost product or property which you think is rentable. FYI, this may incur additional charges for setup, maintenance fees and etc. These are just some products which will perfectly fit in this category:

  • Apartment or Condo Unit (Target Customers: Expats, Professionals, Students or Tourists) — a condo unit can be rented approx. 15K PHP for a 20sqm space. If this is the case, you need to buy 2 units to reach your target extra cash income. Note: rate varies on the location of your condo too.
  • Cars or Vans — you will have to invest on at least 2-3 vehicles in order to proceed in this type of business, because customers would like to choose the capacity and type of vehicle. It is therefore important to offer them different options. Approx. 2000 PHP per day is the rental rate per vehicle. Note: rate varies depending on destination’s location, capacity and type of vehicle.
  • Tables and Chairs for Events
  • Portable Air Coolers for Events
  • Decorative Materials also for events, such as chandeliers, drapings, table top vases and etc.
  • Gowns and Suits of different designs and sizes — Rental of wedding gowns ranges from 10,000 to 20,000 PHP, while rental of suits ranges from 1,000 to 3,000 PHP per use.

So there you go, you now have 4 ways as you begin your journey on earning extra cash while at home. The 30,000 PHP is just an initial target that I set. I believe that such amount is enough to sustain the basic needs of a small family. The good thing about the suggestions above is that all are capable of growth if handled and managed properly. It’s true that you may not reach the 30K extra cash budget on your first few months. But, if viewed in a different light, your rate or income growth capability will surely be faster when compared to the increase of a worker’s salary that has a fixed 8-5PM office job. And, what’s the best thing about it? YOU’RE WORKING FROM HOME! 🙂

Note: The list or examples above are surely not complete. It was constructed as such so you’ll have an idea on how to gain extra cash. If you have anything to add, I’m interested to know about them too. Hit up the comments section below.