Invest Manila says “Hello World!”

Oh hello there, reader! I am Jenny of Invest Manila, and I would like to thank you for dropping by. Since this is my first post, I would like to set some expectations before you hit that “subscribe” button. Please read along…

To my dear readers (target: 13 – 35 yrs old physically or emotionally),

I want you to know and understand that I am writing and actually spending my own money to host this website, because I want to help people like me by sharing every bit of tips and tricks that I learned (and will learn), which are helping me attain a certain level of financial wellness. Nope, “financial wellness” doesn’t mean that I’m super rich, because after all this site is not only about getting rich monetarily. This is about helping people, like me, to have some peace of mind knowing that his/her future are well-secured.

I believe that there’s a reason that you came across my site. It’s either you’re my friend, a family member, a relative who are all curious of what I’ve been up to, and/or hopefully you’re an internet savvy and would like to know more about how you can improve your financial state. Whoever you are, I hope that you can pick up something from my future posts. If it does help you, kindly share them to your friend. The more people we infect with this so-called “financial knowledge”, the better.

P.S. #1: Since I’m new this sort of thing, please excuse my kind of writing and any grammatical errors you’ll come across. Kindly call my attention, so I can correct it.

P.S. #2: I am open for topic suggestions. Hit the “contact us” page or comment below to let me know your suggestions! Thanks peeps! And yeap, this is how I write. Take it or leave it. ????