London - Peso Budget - Big Ben Text

Here’s a rough guide on what to expect and how to enjoy London with a 100K Peso Budget. The content of this article is inspired by my recent trip to London last Christmas 2015. I hope this will help you plan your trip accordingly. Enjoy!

Note: There is a TIPS section at the bottom part of the article to help you in cutting down the costs further. If you can apply all the tips below, you may be lucky enough to cut down your expenses from 100K to 60K Pesos! Good luck and let me know if you did it! 🙂

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Pia Wurtzbach Ms Universe 2015

The world was taken aback and quite shocked with the controversial announcement of winners at Miss Universe 2015 Pageant. It was the first in its history that their host has mistakenly interchanged and announced the winners of the said event. Moving forward, what do you think can we learn from this situation? How do you think can we apply it in our own business? Just in case, this unexpected turn of events happens to us too.

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It was June 2015 when I converted my E-PASS to RFID. To be honest, there’s not much of a difference between the two, except the fact that the sensor couldn’t be transferred to your other car. Why? It’s because the RFID are placed and sticked upon your car’s headlight, unlike your detachable E-Pass which is only placed inside your windshield. Yeap, quite inconvenient.

Here are some reminders that SLEX RFID Users should know in order to make sure that you’re being billed properly:

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First things first, who or what on earth are the “millennials”?

According to Urban Dictionary, a millennial is anyone who is born from year 1982 to 1994. They are approximately the 21-33 yrs old of today’s generation. They are, basically, the new graduates and hopefully the employed individuals who are now starting their careers from scratch.

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