Marvin Marquez

Marvin Marquez PRC and DHSUD Accredited Real Estate Salesperson

  • Office:+639475436668
  • Rizal, Philippines

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Marvin finished his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering at Colegio de Montalban. He entered the Real Estate industry world to explore his passion for sales. Previously, he worked as a Real Estate Sales Agent in Landisco and Balay Realty Services, where he’s areas of focus are Metro Manila and Rizal North properties. In his previous company, he had been the Top 2 Sales Manager for two consecutive years.

Marvin spent the last five years learning everything there is to know about the real estate industry. As of today, he is working as a sales manager at InvestMNL where he’s applying all these acquired knowledge as Sales Manager. He is currently responsible for strategy development within marketing and sales. He is committed and has a passion to help clients find properties that will fit them. Going above and beyond to find their dream homes.

In his spare time, he likes to watch anime, basketball, and inspiring movies.

Marvin Marquez
PRC Accredited Real Estate Salesperson – PRCDOC# 300
DHSUD Accredited Real Estate Salesperson – DHSUD OR# 04170758

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