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“SAVE. INVEST. SPEND.” is Invest Manila’s straight to the point tagline. Now, a lot maybe wondering why I chose the name “invest manila”, but promotes altogether “saving” and “spending”. Well, here it goes…


I believe that before one can invest, one shall save. In this section, I will share with you different ways on how to save up money, which hopefully later on, you can put into good use. As I would like to emphasize that importance of saving up, I will not only discuss the “how” but will also tackle on “when” and “why”.


Definitely, our end goal which is financial wellness couldn’t be achieved if we stop at saving up. If only everyone will be wise enough to allot a portion of their money to wise investments, then everyone will be financially secured for the rest of their lives. In this section, I will tackle on different types of investment and businesses, its pros and cons, and other information which will help you further in deciding which “investment” fits perfectly for you.


Now, why do we really save and invest? It’s because we want to achieve certain goals, buy certain things, properties, may it be your very own home, car, a secured educational plan for your kids, to travel the world, etc. etc. In this section, I will share with you some tips and tricks on how to make the most out of those spendings. This sections will focus on sale announcements, property discounts, self-made travel budgets, and other spendings that you can still consider as good deals!