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6 Essential Tips for Beginners in the Stock Market

I started investing in the stock market Y2014. I did not know much back then, which is why I frequently follow tips of so-called gurus. They were useful, at first, until they weren’t. So, I felt that I needed to learn what they know. That’s when I began studying. If only I could bring back time, here are some basic stock market beginner tips I wish I knew when I was just starting out.

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5 Signs to Spot a Real Estate Scammer

Investing in real estate properties is a serious matter. A lot of money is in the line, which is why you want to make sure that you are dealing with the right individual. Here are some undeniable signs which may help you determine if your contact person is real estate scammer or not.

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Where to Learn Forex Trading in the Philippines?

Leo Advantage, a forex trading school, was launched at Bayanihan Center, Pasig City last July 1, 2017. The event room was packed with around 150 people or more, when the program started at 4pm. Attendees were well taken care of as they provided free snacks and water. A photobooth has been setup as well to entertain guests while they await for the program to start.


The event started with a game activity wherein the host asked the guests “What will you do if money is not an issue?”. It’s interesting that the answers were somewhat similar. Most of them answered that they will travel around the world, invest money to real estate, stocks, forex and etc. or that they will put up some NGO’s for their charitable activities. 

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