How to Load Autosweep RFID via BPI Online

How to Load Your Autosweep RFID via BPI Online?

In this 1-min video, you will learn how to load your Autosweep RFID online via BPI’s website or mobile app. Just follow the 5-easy steps and you won’t ever have to deal with “insufficient fund” tag at toll gates. Just click the video below to start learning:

VIDEO: How to Load Your Autosweep RFID via BPI Online?

Done reloading or topping up your RFID Load? Learn how to check your load balance next, by watching this video below:


Effective November 2, 2020, DOTR has implemented a cashless/contactless toll payment system which will require everyone who owns a vehicle to acquire an RFID in order to pass the expressways in Luzon. So if you haven’t yet, here are the tutorials on how to get an EASYTRIP AND AUTOSWEEP RFID.

EASYTRIP RFID Application:



Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) has recently updated their website and mobile app this Y2019. They are consistently updating it and just this July 2019, they’ve added a very helpful functionality. They now let their users load their Autosweep RFID accounts straight from the new BPI Online. As you may know, loading an autosweep rfid online was not available before, not until introduced it earlier this year. But since not everyone has a account, this added functionality from BPI is a welcome change from both BPI and RFID users.


Not a fan of video tutorials? Here is the step-by-step written process for your convenience (However, the detailed screenshots are still found in the video):

  1. Login to you BPI Online Account.
  2. In the menu bar, go to “Payments/Load”. Then, choose “Load E-Wallet”.
  3. Next, choose “Autosweep RFID” from the list of unenrolled e-wallet accounts. Then, fill out the “Load from”, “Plate Number” and “Load Amount” to complete the details.
  4. Then, verify if the details are correct, and click CONFIRM. Note: there’s a fixed transaction fee regardless of your load amount. As of the moment, BPI’s transaction fee is fixed at 10PHP per load.
  5. Lastly, enter your One-Time-Pin (OTP), sent via SMS. Once you’ve done this, a successful notification screen should occur, Then, you’re done!
    • Load Autosweep RFID Online - BPI Successful
      Load Autosweep RFID Online – BPI Successful

If in case you prefer to load at a 7-Eleven Branch instead, we have a tutorial for that too. Check out this link for the tutorial:

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