Where to Learn Forex Trading in the Philippines?

Leo Advantage, a forex trading school, was launched at Bayanihan Center, Pasig City last July 1, 2017. The event room was packed with around 150 people or more, when the program started at 4pm. Attendees were well taken care of as they provided free snacks and water. A photobooth has been setup as well to entertain guests while they await for the program to start.


The event started with a game activity wherein the host asked the guests “What will you do if money is not an issue?”. It’s interesting that the answers were somewhat similar. Most of them answered that they will travel around the world, invest money to real estate, stocks, forex and etc. or that they will put up some NGO’s for their charitable activities. 

leo advantage - what will you do if money is not an issue


Marc Mancilla, CEO and Co-founder of Leo Advantage, has graced us with his presence by introducing us to Leo Advantage and by defining how different they are from other schools. So, how different is it, really? During the entire program, the team behind Leo Advantage emphasised a holistic coaching approach. Unlike many other forex trading schools which will stop once their student learns how to trade. Leo Advantage will keep on going by creating a community who will “inspire hope” while they use their forex trading knowledge as a money making tool to pursue more important things like goals, passion and relationships.

leo advantage - Marc Mancilla

Nikki Jurado, Sales and Marketing Director and Co-founder of Leo Advantage, was present also to discuss the basics of Forex Trading. She taught S1 or Strategy 1, using basic terms so that everyone could understand it. As of now, they have a total of 7 strategies which they would like to share with their students. True enough, the participants were able to learn immediately the basics of buying and selling currencies. It only proves that the founders themselves are well-equipped with knowledge and definitely know what they’re doing.

leo advantage - nikki jurado
As the program come to a close, the participants learned the basics of  forex trading, which will definitely advance once they enroll at their forex school.



Interested? Here are their 3 step-program, which are open for all who are interested.

  1. Undergrad Technical Trader Program

    • 6 exclusive trading strategies
    • Exclusive forex coaching and business coaching programs
    • Unlimited access to 3 standard classes
    • Unlimited access to weekly lessons and coaching
    • Lifetime mentorship
    • Spread discounts
  2. Masteral Technical Trader Program

    • Access to exclusive advanced strategies
    • Unlimited access to 3 standard classes
    • Access to paid forex coaching opportunities
    • Unlimited access to weekly lessons and coaching
    • Access to branch management opportunities
    • Lifetime mentorship
    • Spread discounts
  3. Doctorate Technical Trader Program

    • Please contact for more details.


So, what’s the fee to enter in all these 3 programs? It’s only P30,000 for all 3. Yes, you read it right. It’s for all 3! The team calls it an “organization fee” rather than an enrollment fee. Why? It’s because you can maximize their lifetime mentorship offer once you avail it. Note: you can only move onto the next program once you’ve successfully reached their specific trading goals, and Leo Advantage will guide you all through the entire process. Find out more about them at their official website: Leo Advantage.



We at Investmnl would like to thank Leo Advantage for giving us 3 transferrable vouchers: 2pcs of 5% OFF and 1 pc of P5000 OFF, during the event. GOOD NEWS! We’re now giving them away for FREE (shipping fee not included). They will be given to our loyal readers who are very much interested to join Leo Advantage (1 voucher per person)!

leo advantage - vouchers
How to use these voucher? These legitimate vouchers just needs to be presented at Leo Advantage office on or before December 31, 2017 upon your enrollment.

How to get this FREE voucher? Simply send us an email at stating that you are interested to avail it, copy 10 unique email addresses of your beloved family and friends who are willing to be subscribed to our website: INVESTMNL. Once subscribed, you and your friends will receive a monthly email update from the Investmnl website.


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  1. Dia

    i also went to this seminar. i have been to other forex seminars before and it was all numbers..dito may natutunan ako.and i really felt the sincerity of the team, na i knew people here are really making money and for the right reasons. i will join their august batch with my bf. more power to leo advantage and invest manila for empowering pinoys. 🙂

  2. Berlin Domingo

    If money isn’t an issue, I would surely travel around the country and the globe, buy anything I fancy and build a home for the homeless. Fund their needs and also start a start up business for them. But then, money is sometjing most of us value. Interested to attend such seminar and learn more.

  3. Maaya Legaspi

    This is a great seminar to educate Filipinos about finance! I sure know a lot who’s into stocks and such so I will try to refer them to this. I feel like they will learn a lot. I think it’s a good deal since it has lifetime mentorship. Definitely a good way to jumpstart your knowledge in growing money.

  4. Nice article on finance and investment in Philippines. Well, if money isn’t a problem, then we could do so many things we love to do. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Actually, this is an eye opener. I have some stocks but never actually learned how to maximize its potential. That raffle/giveaway is so tempting! Couldn’t wait to share it to my friends!

  6. Ma. Clarice Lao

    This is really interesting. I would love to learn forex trading. I understand the concepts but would really love to learn more strategies. Do they offer online classes or sessions?

  7. This is really interesting information. I know people who play on Forex and who have made a lot of money on it. I would love to get into it myself, to learn how to see the opportunities and make the right decisions at the right time. It’s great that there seminars like this one to teach you the basics and how to start.

  8. Dawn Flores

    I needed this article, it’s an eye opener. 🙂 I hope I could attend one of these seminars cause I know I definitely need to. Thank you very much for sharing this, I definitely feel like I accidentally saw this for a reason. Haha.

  9. Aica Batoon

    Ooh, this is really interesting. I do not know anything about finance and I wish I could attend one of their seminars. I’m going to show it to my parents for the mean time 🙂

  10. Cool! I also want to learn regarding Forex and if this will really help me in mu future. I know that we have an available program here in our place but I’m not sure who’s behind it. I an’t even remember much details about it. Would you know if you have one here in Pampanga?

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