15 Specific Summer Business Ideas for Every Filipino

The scorching heat of the sun is taking a toll among us, literally and financially. “Hey, what do you mean financially?” so, you may asked. Well, how’s your electricity bill lately? How about your food and water consumption? And, have you alloted some extra funds for some leisure or summer vacation expenses for you and your family *ahem beaaaach*? Ok, I think, we’re now on the same page.

Yet, while most of the people are whining about how excruciating the summer heat is, some people, the chosen few, who are born with an entrepreneurial mindset are taking this summer season as an opportunity in putting up a business. So, are you one of us?

Since you’re here on this site, then you’re probably part of the chosen few. Below are some specific summer business ideas for you and every filipino. They are divided into 3 sections, depending on the required amount of capital investment: Small (0-50k PHP), Medium (50-200k PHP), and Large (200k and above PHP).



Small Enterprise

1. Sell ice pops, ice candies and halu-halo’s.

2. Sell sago’t gulaman, melon juice, lemon juice or buko juice in front of your home.

3. Teach swimming lessons.

4. Provide swimming pool or air-con maintenance services.

5. Create and sell souvenir items for tourists.

Medium Enterprise

6. Start your travel and tours agency.

7. Invest on buko juice or soft ice cream type of foodcart.

8. Be a swimsuit designer and / or seller.

9. Be a sunscreen or flip-flops distributor.

10. Plant, grow and sell watermelons (or any popular fruit and veggies for summer).

11. Organize water sport activities.

Large Enterprise

12. Put up an ice cream or dessert shop.

13. Build and develop a beach resort.

14. Put up a physical shop for your summer clothing line.

15. Build an ice museum or an ice bar.

Here’s a copy of the infographic shown on this page for easy access. Share away!


Indeed, there’s a lot of business opportunities lurking in every corner and in every whining individuals. We, the business-minded people, will just have to look for the business that will fit our personality and skills. Once we find it, plan, study and start it right away. Remember, your great business idea is just waiting to happen. Act on it, and make that “idea” turn into reality.

PS. the list above aims to give you a nudge or a kickoff, which hopefully will help you think which summer business ideas are actually good during this season. Think further and tweak the list above to create your very own business idea. TIP: think of a problem now. Figure out how to solve it in your head. Then, “TADAAA” you now have your business idea. 😀

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