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How to Avoid Long Queues at BPI and BPI Family Bank?

Do you get discouraged every time you go to a BPI bank and find out that there’s a long queue ahead of you? We’ve been there before. I was always a walk-in kind of person whenever processing my bank transactions. I get upset every time I do this errand,  since I always have to wait for long queues. One day, I began to notice that some people are being called ahead of me even if they just entered the bank. Weirdly, their number begins with the letter “E” while mine is “N”. My curious mind wonder and did some research and here’s what I found out: We don’t need to wait for long queues. We can plan our bank errand day within a 30-min. timeframe, and if you’re lucky, you’ll be done and out for just 5-min. How?

Let us show you how to make use of BPI Express Assist Online in just 5 EASY STEPS. Treat this as your golden express ticket everytime you need to do a transaction at a BPI or BPI Family Bank.

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