Investing in Education with EDX.ORG

Hi, Readers!

I stumbled upon this site late last year, but only this year when I actually tried one of their short online courses. It was something I enjoyed and I’m definitely trying out more. Since I love EDX so much, let me enumerate the things why you should try it out for yourself too. Here it goes…

What’s EDX? Why EDX?

  • WELL-KNOWN UNIVERSITIES. EDX is an online learning community hosted by prestige Universities around the globe, such as MIT, Harvard, Berkeley and many more.
  • WIDE-TOPICS. They touch on different subjects from computer programming, business management and sciences, to arts and culture, world history, languages and etc.
  • LEARNING CHECKS. Yes, there are exams or homeworks. Although, this may not be enjoyed by everyone, but trust me. You need it, if you really want to check how much you’ve learned at the end of a module. I think the good thing about their exams is it’s usually a multiple-choice format, and sometimes they give you at least 2 tries. Yes! Hooray for second chances!
  • FREE COURSES with CERTIFICATES. Let me repeat that for you. Yes, it’s FREE! And, it comes with an Honor Code Certificate upon completing your course with passing grades! But, if you would like to avail their verified certificates (with Professor’s signature), the cost ranges from 25 – 50 USD. I think that’s fair enough, considering that you’ve got to learn something new with just a few bucks.
  • ONLINE COURSES. I just have to repeat this part. Yes, it is online. No transportation cost and you can do it wherever, at your own pace, at your own time.

Currently, I’m taking courses that will enhance my business management skills. I am learning a lot, and I’m excited to apply the things that I’ve learned in my current job. I believe that the term “investing” doesn’t always relates directly to money. Sometimes, it’s about investing in education that will enhance our skills and will then eventually lead us to our financial freedom. Keep on learning!

Try EDX now! Hopefully, we’ll be “online” classmates in one of their courses. Looking forward to meet you. Here’s their website: