3 Things to Learn from Miss Universe 2015 and How to Apply it in Your Business

The world was taken aback and quite shocked with the controversial announcement of winners at Miss Universe 2015 Pageant. It was the first in its history that their host has mistakenly interchanged and announced the winners of the said event. Moving forward, what do you think can we learn from this situation? How do you think can we apply it in our own business? Just in case, this unexpected turn of events happens to us too.

  1. If you’re in the position of the host, Steve Harvey, do exactly what he did: own up to your mistake. In every business, committing mistakes are unavoidable. These are the few instances that we will definitely try to distance from. Yet, if faced with a customer that is currently making a scene at your store because you incorrectly charged him or her the wrong amount or incorrectly delivered a product or service, then definitely acknowledging your mistake will be the best and logical thing to do. Own it up with a regretful attitude. Correct what you’ve done wrong and make sure that the customer will leave your store somewhat satisfied. If necessary, offer him or her a free-of-charge service.
  2. If you’re Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutierrez, do exactly what she did too: keep your head up no matter how humiliating or awkward the situation you’re in. There will come a time wherein you really have to do whatever it takes to keep your business working as it should be. It will be wrong to assume that just because you are the boss, you will never be put in an awkward situation. These are moments wherein a mistake has been committed mostly by your staff or employees, but because you are the boss you will automatically be tagged as at fault. Remember, you may be as innocent and without fault on the situation, like Miss Colombia is, but what you can only do is put your head up high, smile and took over the situation with a positive outlook. Indeed, everything happens for a reason.
  3. If you’re Miss Philippines, Pia Wurtzback, who was stripped off by her moment. Let’s follow her by example too. How? It is by moving forward and accepting apologies with a humble heart. This example actually goes to both ladies, Miss Philippines and Miss Colombia. Both of them handled the situation pretty well and accepted the apology of Mr. Harvey. This should be a reminder for every business owners that if a business opportunity comes your way and you felt that it didn’t turned out the way you want them to be, just be accepting and still be grateful. A business opportunity, whatever it may be, is still a blessing. Remember, shining moments didn’t always happen in one big event (ex. the opening day of your restaurant), because it may come in pieces that is scattered throughout your timeline. So, cheer up and just enjoy the moment. It will come, just wait.

To all business owners, these are just few of the many things you will encounter when handling businesses. Truly, there will be a lot of obstacles. Turn them into learning opportunities and believe me, you will go a long way.

To all the candidates of Miss Universe, congrats! To the top 3, you’ve already made your countries proud. Congrats to all of you. God Speed!